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Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Compound

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Prekės tipas Termo pastos
Prekės ženklas Thermal Grizzly
Papildoma informacija Tepalo kiekis: 5 g
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Compound
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Thermal Grizzly from Hamburg is a German brand, which has written the fight against high temperatures and poor heat transfer on the flags. The goal is to provide the overclocker scene with powerful thermal conduction products that are still a weak point - but the product portfolio can also be used to better and quietly cool gaming machines, workstations, mini-PCs and many other purposes. In addition to higher clock rates, better heat-conducting products enable quieter cooling and longer life of the components to be cooled. 

In order to achieve these goals, Thermal Grizzly has worked closely with the well-known extreme-overclocker novel "der8auer" Hartung in product development, developing chemical compounds and analyzing competitors. The first products in the field of thermal compounds, namely Kryonaut, Hydronaut and Aeronaut, were received with enthusiasm by the community and caused a sensation in the overclocking scene due to their superior performance. 

With the ConductonautThermal Grizzly presents a high-performance liquid metal-based paste consisting of a eutectic alloy intended for use at room temperature. Due to a special mixing ratio, among others made from the metals tin, gallium and indium, an enormously high thermal conductivity is achieved along with outstanding long-term stability. Due to the liquid components even tiny pores and gaps can be compensated and filled, which is only partially possible with conventional thermal paste due to the solid particles. The metallic surface of radiator and heat sink is wetted. 

Decisive for the performance of a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is the thermal conductivity. Consisting only of the aforementioned metallic substances, the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound over alternative, eg. B. silicone-based or only to a small extent on solid oxides (such as silver) or other metallic additives existing pastes clearly and has a sheer unmatched thermal conductivity of about 73 W / mK on. Especially overclockers and silent fans will appreciate the resulting benefits. 

Overclocker beware!With this paste, the temperature of the processor can be reduced by a few degrees, without having to buy a new cooler. Also, the application of the liquid metal is amazingly easy, especially since the manufacturer includes the necessary accessories already included. If the usage is unfamiliar the first time, it will be done quickly at the latest from the second application. Nevertheless, the below precautions must be observed! 

In addition, the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut high performance paste is extremely rich. The filling quantity of five grams of liquid metal theoretically covers more than 50 applications. And once too much liquid metal has gotten onto the processor, it can simply be sucked back into the syringe. A correct dosage is thus very easy to achieve. On average, for a processor, the amount of half a grain of rice is sufficient. Various web and print magazines have also underpinned the clear dominance of this unique thermal compound in extensive tests and reviews. Who wants to overclock or wants a quiet system with optimal cooling performance, should have access here! Important application notes: The Conductonaut Liquid Metal Thermal Compound (1) must not be used with aluminum contact surfaces and (2) must never come into contact with electrically conductive components! CPU coolers with aluminum coldplate can not be used, instead the materials copper, nickel or silver are recommended. Especially with Intel Haswell, Devil's Canyon and Broadwell processors, care must be taken that the liquid metal paste does not come into contact with the numerous technical components under or next to the heatspreader. Even with Skylake CPUs, there are some contact points, which should be covered with tape if necessary for security and of course, caution is also required with AMD CPUs. 

Storage conditions:
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut should be stored in dry rooms at room temperature and in their original packaging. 

Technical details:
  • Quantity: 5 g
  • silver
  • Consistency: liquid
  • Thermal conductivity: 73 W / (m · K)
  • Density: 6.24 g / cm³
  • Operating temperature: 10 to 140 ° C
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