Samsung HG43EE690DBXEN

Samsung HG43EE690DBXEN

Prekės kodas: 434687

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Gaminio savybės

Prekės tipas: Monitoriai
Prekės ženklas: Samsung
Monitoriaus tipas: Pramoniniai monitoriai
Svoris: 12.2 kg
Spalva: Juoda
Ekrano įstrižainė: 43 "
Ekrano raiška: 1920 x 1080
Ekrano forma: Plokščias
Ekrano dažnis: 60 Hz
Ekrano paviršiaus tipas: Matinis
Liečiamas ekranas: Ne
Jungtys: 3.5 mm Audio, Anynet+, CI+, Composite, D-Sub, DVB-T/C, DVI, HDMI, RJ-45, RJ12, USB
3D funkcija: Ne
Įmontuotos garso kolonėlės: Ne
nVidia G-Sync: Ne
AMD FreeSync: Ne
Garantija: 36 mėn
Papildoma informacija: Teletext. PIP. Connect Share ™ (Hard Drive). ConnectShare ™ (USB 2.0). Samsung LYNK ™ HMS Compatibility. Samsung LYNK ™ REACH (IP). Samsung LYNK ™ REACH (RF). Bluetooth Music Player (Mobile → TV). Samsung LYNK ™ DRM
Samsung HG43EE690DBXEN
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

Interactive services with HE690

Samsung's new Hospitality Display, the HE690, turns the hotel room's TV into a complete multimedia system. With Samsung LYK REACH 4.0, you can easily customize content for different rooms, for example with customized welcome messages and offers. With IPTV services, you also give your guests access to a larger entertainment range.


Samsung LYK REACH 4.0 is a comprehensive content management solution that integrates SINC and REACH hotel TV solutions. The system manages LAN, WiFi and co-based networking structures to streamline hotel management, monitoring and hotel services. Create a memorable hotel stay for your guests with more personal service and services, using a content server and customized templates.


Present information in an engaging way with a dedicated hotel information channel via LYNK REACH 4.0. By uploading video clips or inserting links, hotel staff can create channels showing hotel facilities, special offers, local events or attractions. The hotel can use up to four channels at the same time to display customized messages in the various parts of the hotel, eg. lobby, restaurants and hotel rooms.

Maximize access to entertainment and information

LYNK REACH 4.0 provides hotel-based access to a mix of IP (IPTV) and RF channels, providing hotel guests with a hybrid entertainment and information. LYNK REACH 4.0 has great channel capacity that allows hotels to offer tailored channel offerings and entertainment options through payment content.

Personal service, from check-in to check-out

Use LYK REACH 4.0 to provide hotel guests with personalized service and convenient access to the hotel's services and facilities. Welcome hotel guests with personalized messages, send relevant messages during the stay and enable quick check-out that does not need to go through the checkout desk.

Custom Start Menu

Offer the guests a wide content range with the enhanced boot menu without having to invest in new solutions or network infrastructure installation. With new and improved features, the hotel can welcome guests with a short introduction video, with the hotel logo when the TV is started.

Protect content with DRM technology

Samsung LYNK DRM technology enables secure transmission of encrypted TV signals and VoD content directly to hotel rooms' televisions. LYNK DRM is a completely software-based technology that reduces the need for additional equipment and provides faster recovery in case of Conditional Access System (CAS) issues. For better system stability there is support for the expansion of cable network operators' substations.

Enhanced plug and play features

With advanced plug and play settings, hotel managers can activate hundreds of TVs in the hotel with minimal effort. Operators only need to navigate three basic startup settings to synchronize all TVs and servers simultaneously. The plug and play features also make the system available to other types of installations that want to take advantage of the system's benefits. Commercial Mode allows commercial users to easily manage the system without compromising performance.

Quick connectivity through Ethernet dock

The HE690 has an Ethernet bridge that is compatible with IP devices. Hotel guests can create an access point for IP telephony or connect the computer to the Ethernet cable for a fast internet connection as part of a mobile workstation. Additionally, guests get access to web-based streaming services and can view their favorite programs.

Customized interactive solutions with H-Browser

H. Browser is an open IP based platform that allows system integrators to create customized web solutions, with advanced interactive services and streaming and free streaming services. Because H. Browser uses standardized development languages ​​like HTML5 and Java Script®, system integrators can quickly develop and launch customized hotel solutions.

Music Streaming Features

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth technology, the HE690 can be transformed into a complete multimedia system. Guests can easily play their own music on the HE690 by connecting their mobile devices.

Wireless connection of personal devices

Samsung Hopsitality Display has an integrated access point (SoftAP) that provides a secure and private wireless network connection between the TV and up to four personal devices in the room. When the guest is connected, content can be transferred via DLNA ™, or Screen Mirroring. DLNA, Screen Mirroring and Smart View customize the image from the mobile device for a clear image without distortions.

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