Lamptron CR430 LED and Fan Control Red/Black

Lamptron CR430 LED and Fan Control Red/Black

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Prekės tipas Valdikliai
Prekės ženklas Lamptron
Spalva Juoda, Raudona
Papildoma informacija Matmenys (bendri): 148,5 x 45 x 23 mm. Svoris: 233 g. Matmenys (LCD): 129 x 32,5 mm. Suderinama: 1x 5,25 colių skyriumi. Ventiliatoriaus kanalai: 4 (maks. 30 W kanale). Įtampa: 0-12 V nuolatinė srovė. Jungtys: 1x 4 kontaktų Molex 1x 4 arba 3 kontaktų ventiliatorius. 3x 3 kontaktų ventiliatoriai. 4 kontaktų temperatūros jutikliai
Lamptron CR430 LED and Fan Control Red/Black
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

With the Lamptron CR430 fan control and the associated remote control, fans installed in a computer can be controlled and controlled in the simplest way possible. There are a total of four channels each with 30 watts of power available, with three ports for standard fan (3-pin) and a connection for PWM fan (4-pin) or another standard fan are suitable. The CR430 has four handy temperature sensors as well as a blue backlit LC display that provides extensive information on the connected fans. Control is via the included remote control.
The most important features of the CR430 fan controller at a glance:
  • High-quality housing made of aluminum
  • LC display with blue illumination
  • Four channels each with 30 watts of power
  • Connections for 3x 3-pin & 1x 4-pin fans
  • Four temperature sensors already included
  • Automatic or manual control via remote control

Design & installation of the CR430 fan controller Lamptron's CR430 fan controller adds a practical solution to the regulation of built-in fans. The compact housing captivates with its black optic and surrounds the blue glowing LC display in a perfect way. The control is done with the enclosed remote control. For example, the CR430 can be placed and controlled in a 5.25-inch format in a case with a transparent side panel or outside of the case. 

A total of three standard (3-pin) and one PWM (4-pin) fans can be connected, with the latter also being replaced by a standard fan. In addition to the 4-pin cable and the three 3-pin cables, the scope of supply also includes a total of four temperature sensors. Power is supplied to the fan control via a 4-pin Molex connector, which in turn is not included.
Functions of the CR430 fan control The fan controller offers a variety of information and configuration options. In addition to a power-on / off switch, it is possible to switch between the four available channels. The selected channel will also be displayed large again. The middle of the display shows the current speed of the fan in the form of a tachometer. To the left are the temperature and a changeable speed, volt or percent display. 

The CR430 fan control also offers the possibility to make all settings manually or to select automatic operation. In addition, the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted in three stages (100%, 50% or 0%). After switching on the fan control, the lighting is set to 100% by default. In automatic mode, it turns off after three minutes. 

The CR430 is also equipped with an alarm function that can warn the user if the temperature is too low or too high. This feature is quick and easy to configure and also easy to disable or enable. Likewise, you can switch between "Quiet" and "Fullpower" modes, depending on the cooling requirements. 

Note:On the three 3-pin connections, 4-pin PWM fans can be connected instead of standard fans. However, these can only be regulated by the voltage. 

Technical details:
  • Dimensions (total): 148.5 x 45 x 23 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 233 g
  • Dimensions (LCD): 129 x 32.5 mm (W x H)
  • Compatibility: 1x 5.25 inch bay
  • Color: Black (Housing), Blue (Lighting)
  • Fan channels: 4 (max 30 W per channel)
  • Voltage: 0 - 12 V DC
  • Connections: 
    1x 4-pin Molex 1x 4- or 3-pin fan 
    3x 3-pin fan 
    4x 2-pin temperature sensor
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