Įmontuojama indaplovė Bosch Serie 6 SPV66TX01E

Įmontuojama indaplovė Bosch Serie 6 SPV66TX01E

Prekės kodas: 395022

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* Pristatymo kaina apskaičiuota įvertinus aptarnavimo mokestį ir prekės svorį: 48.00 kg
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Prekės informacija

Bendrosios charakteristikos

Prekės tipas Indaplovės
Prekės ženklas Bosch
Modelis SPV66TX01E
Indaplovės tipas Įmontuojama
Plotis 448 mm
Gylis 550 mm
Aukštis 815 mm
Svoris 41 kg

Energijos ir vandens sąnaudos

Energijos klasė
Energijos sąnaudos nurodomos vienam standartiniam plovimo ciklui. Faktinis elektros energijos suvartojimas priklauso nuo pasirinktos plovimo programos. Ekonomiškiausia indaplovės klasė A+++. A standartinė klasė, A+ - ekonominė, o G klasė sunaudoja daugiausiai elektros energijos.
Vandens sąnaudos ciklui 9.5 l
Metinės vandens sąnaudos
Vidutinės metinės indų plovimo mašinos vandens sąnaudos, paskaičiuotos 280 plovimų ciklų per metus.
2660 l
Plovimo efektyvumo klasė
„A” klasė – didelis plovimo efektyvumas ir geresni rezultatai, o klasė „G“ - mažesnis efektyvumas ir prastesni rezultatai.
Džiovinimo efektyvumo klasė
„A” klasė – didelis džiovinimo efektyvumas ir geresni rezultatai, o klasė „G“ - mažesnis efektyvumas ir prastesni rezultatai.


Nurodo ar indaplovė turi ekraną, kuriame rodomos indų plovimo bei džiovinimo programos, ciklai ir kitos funkcijos, kurias turi konkretus indaplovės modelis.
Yra mechaninis, elektroninis ir sensorinis indaplovės valdymo tipas. Elektroninis valdymas paleidžia indaplovę vienu mygtuko paspaudimu, mechaninis – ciklas pasirenkamas ratuko pasukimu, o sensorinis – prisilietimu.

Funkcijos ir programos

Programų skaičius
Kiekviena programa skiriasi viena nuo kitos nustatymais - plaunamų indų deriniu bei plovimo intensyvumu.
Jei įsijungia indikatorius, tada reikia papildyti indaplove specialia druska.
Vandens švarumo indikatorius
Indų komplektų skaičius
Nurodo, kiek daugiausiai indų komplektų gali būti plaunama indaplovėje vienu metu.
Plovimo programos
Ši funkcija skirta pridžiuvusių maisto likučių pašalinimui nuo kelias dienas indaplovėje plovimo laukusių indų. Tuo pačiu apsaugo nuo nemalonaus kvapo atsiradimo.
Auto-programa, Delikatus plovimas, Greitas plovimas, Intensyvus plovimas
Programos pradžios atidėjimas
Suteikia galimybę nustatyti laiką, kada bus pradėtas indų plovimas.
Apsauga nuo vandens išsiliejimo
Ši funkcija apsaugo nuo vandens išsiliejimo.


Triukšmo lygis
Nuo šio rodiklio priklauso, kaip tyliai dirbs indaplovė. Palyginimui, 42 dB triukšmą skleidžia labai tyliai dirbanti indaplovė.
43 dB
Garantija 24 mėn
Papildoma informacija Svoris: 41 kg. Vandens sunaudojimas: 9,5 l.
Bosch Serie 6 SPV66TX01E
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

ActiveWater technology: less water and energy consumption, more efficiency.

Innovative technology for maximum efficiency and ecological rinsing with excellent results. The saving of water and energy results from a precisely designed system of targeted water distribution, optimization of filter technologies, faster heating and higher pump efficiency. All these factors affect a more efficient water flow.

DuoPower: gentle cleaning, optimal results.
The extensive DuoPower ™ sprinkler system in the upper basket optimizes water circulation for perfect washing results. Thanks to them, water reaches every corner of the chamber, not omitting any vessel. The upper two spray arms combined with the bottom guarantee a perfectly shiny cleaning, and the improved water circulation ensures protection of delicate glass and porcelain.

EcoSilence Drive: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.

The patented EcoSilence Drive ™ guarantees extremely quiet and energy-efficient operation of the dishwasher. Unlike conventional engines, EcoSilence Drive ™ works without brushes, reducing friction. This is why it is so incredibly quiet and uses little energy. Regardless of the selected dishwasher program with this engine ensures the best result at the lowest cost.

Three times quicker washing with optimal cleaning and drying results thanks to the VarioSpeed ​​Plus function.
You can use the VarioSpeed ​​Plus function to perfectly wash and dry the full load of dishes in the shortest possible time. At the touch of a button, the washing time is reduced by up to 66%, while maintaining high washing performance. All you need to do is turn on the VarioSpeed ​​Plus function when you need clean dishes quickly, for example during family celebrations or birthday parties. The Vario Speed ​​Plus function can be attached to any long wash program.

Optimal drying and dazzling shine with the lowest energy consumption thanks to the Zeolith® Turbosulation.

Thanks to the award-winning technology, the Zeolith® Turbosetting system will give you even more energy saving options while maintaining excellent drying results. The drying process requires very little energy, significantly reducing the demand for electricity. The lowest energy consumption within the best A +++ energy efficiency class - and even 10% less. The secret to these savings lies in the natural mineral - Zeolite, which is regenerated after each wash cycle. Therefore, it is sufficient for the entire life of the dishwasher and does not require replacement.

Heat exchanger: always the right temperature of water to take care of your dishes.
Dishwashers equipped with heat exchangers allow extremely delicate washing of glasses and porcelain. The water is preheated in the rinsing tank, which avoids sudden changes in temperature. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the dishes are dried in very hygienic conditions. The exchanger also allows you to use heated water for subsequent washing stages, saving a significant amount of energy.

AquaSensor: dazzlingly clean plates thanks to the stain detection function.
A special AquaSensor sensor tests the degree of soiling of water several times during one wash and controls its wear. Thanks to this, your dishes will always be clean, and the device will not use more than a drop of water more than necessary.

Automatic programs provide the best cleaning results with the least amount of resources required.

All auto programs take care of the economical operation of the dishwasher with the guarantee of great washing results. Based on the sensor control, the programs automatically adjust the parameters of the work cycle to the actual needs. The water consumption, its temperature and rinsing time are precisely selected in terms of the degree of soiling. Thanks to this, you can get the best results while saving water and energy. In most Bosch dishwashers, you'll find one to three automatic programs.

AquaStop is a 100% lifetime guarantee of compensation for possible damages.

The AquaStop system used in Bosch dishwashers guarantees reliable protection against flooding. It consists of a solenoid valve on the water supply hose and interior safeguards. The appearance of water inside the chamber activates the sensor at the tap, which closes its inflow, preventing leakage. The sensor also closes the water supply after signaling a hose leak. Bosch dishwashers with the AquaStop system are covered by a safety guarantee for your home (with a compensation clause for any damage).

The loading sensor dispenses water according to the number of dishes being washed, saving water and electricity.
Bosch dishwashers are set to optimize dishwashing, which is why they are equipped with sensors measuring the minimum, necessary amount of water in the device. The loading sensor dispenses water according to the number of dishes washed, keeping in mind that the minimum amount of water necessary for perfect dishwashing circulates in the dishwasher. It ensures the optimal selection of parameters even if the dishwasher is half or full, saving water and electricity.

40 ° glass program: extremely gentle washing program that provides the best cleaning results, optimal drying and dazzling gloss.

The new 40 ° C glass program gently cleans glass vessels such as crystal glasses while providing optimal drying conditions and dazzling results. This effect is achieved by lowering the temperature and extending the drying time. In this way, the glasses will gain radiance and impeccable transparency while maintaining good condition for much longer.

Easy planning of the start time of washing

Thanks to the start time delay function, you can set the selected program and then its start time. This feature makes the use of the device more convenient, allowing you to start the program at any time during the day when you are at work and at night. After starting the program, the remaining time appears on the display. In the absence of a display, some models can schedule a start time delay of 3/6/9 hours.

EmotionLight: elegance in the interior thanks to a special arrangement of LEDs.

The innovative EmotionLight system has been developed with the highest standards in the field of aesthetics in mind, making your dishes look really dazzling. Two LEDs placed in the door frame fill the inside of the dishwasher with a delicate white light just after the door is opened.

Your glassware will be safe thanks to a special handle.

A special handle for glass cleaning enables safe stacking of exceptionally tall glasses, bottles or vases in the lower basket.

TimeLight: the exact time remaining until the end of the program displayed on the floor.

Thanks to the TimeLight function, information about the selected program, the current phase of the washing cycle and the time to its end are displayed on the floor.

Adjusting the height of the upper basket up to 5 cm on 3 levels, even when fully loaded.
The upper basket position adjustment system, 3-stage RackMatic, is designed to match the interior to current needs. The system allows you to set the basket at 3 different heights, and the selected position can be easily changed, even when the basket is full.

The Vario3 cutlery drawer adds flexibility to the loading and better use of space.

The best ActiveWater dishwashers have even more space inside: the Vario3 Pro drawer has recesses for large accessories, such as bucket spoons. In addition, on both sides there is also space for smaller dishes - even espresso cups. The third level eliminates the need to assemble a cutlery basket in the lower basket. ActiveWater dishwashers are very roomy, providing space for up to 14 sets of dishes in the case of 60 cm dishwashers and 10 sets in the case of 45 cm dishwashers.

Thanks to the glass protection technology, the device is extremely gentle with all glassware.

Because soft glass corrodes glass, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection technology constantly regulate the degree of hardness. Thanks to this, valuable glasses or delicate porcelain are always washed away with special care and in the right conditions.

Hygiene Plus function: drying at higher temperatures ensures the highest hygiene level.

ActiveWater dishwashers equipped with the Hygiene Plus function offer the highest hygiene of dishwashing. Bacteria. Thanks to the increased temperature in the process of rinsing and drying, this function provides the vessels not only with glare but also almost sterile purity. It can be included as an option for each long washing program. Hygiene Plus is thus an ideal solution for parents of young children and allergy sufferers.

SuperSilence: extremely quiet operation at just 40-45 dB.

The electronic engine control system and many noise-reducing solutions ensure extremely quiet operation of SuperSilence dishwashers. Thanks to this, they are perfect for both kitchens with dining rooms and in open areas.

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