DEMCiflex Dust Filter For NCASE M1 Side Black

DEMCiflex Dust Filter For NCASE M1 Side Black

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Papildoma informacija Matmenys: 250 x 120 mm. Suderinamumas: NCASE M1
DEMCiflex Dust Filter Black DF0528 For NCASE M1
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba:

If you open your PC again after half a year, perhaps to install new hardware, one wonders most of the time whether the Rechenknecht is not better to call a vacuum cleaner. What makes it easier on the one hand - imagine just how much more often the room would have to be cleaned if all the dirt was not collected as a precaution by the computer - means elsewhere consuming cleaning of the PC interior. 

In addition, dust in the housing is the main reason for overheating and thus for possible, unstable operation. Although a cleaning time-to-time can not be prevented, however, the effort can be significantly reduced. A simple and cost-effective solution are dust filters, which are placed in front of the sucking fans. Once installed, it is no longer necessary to dedust the entire interior with all its inaccessible corners and sensitive components, only the filters. 

DEMCiflex offers a particularly easy-to-retrofit solution, which in this case fits over the side air inlet of the NCASE M1 housing. Here, the filter is simply placed on the outside of the housing on the opening and is held there magnetically. There are therefore no screws or the like necessary, so there is no compatibility restriction. Since not all fan positions are magnetically attractive, an additional frame to the scope of delivery is glued to the back and on which the filter is held. 

The filter itself consists of a very tightly woven and durable polyester fabric. This special material is also used in clinics, for example to keep operating theaters dust-free. At the same time, the net is well permeable to air and therefore hinders the airflow only slightly. 

Of course, this effect diminishes with increasing dust, which is why the filter should occasionally be removed and cleaned. Due to the special mounting method, the removal of the fan is again very easy and fast. Afterwards, the dust can either be brushed, shaken, washed off and even scraped off with stubborn dirt. 

Technical details:
  • Size: 250 x 120 mm
  • Compatibility: NCASE M1 sidewall
  • Material (filter): polyester mesh
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting: magnetic bracket
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